Travis Rebel News

The Tower

The Tower, glowing Rebel Red, signifies the Rebels True Spirit that shines bright in the hearts of all Rebels, far and wide, current students and former students.

From the inside, it is hard to explain; from the outside, it is hard to understand. Rebels True Spirit is a feeling of unity, community, camaraderie and school pride written into Rebel Tradition in 1953, the first year William B. Travis High School open its doors.

The Rebels True Spirit can be felt after every football game or pep rally when the football players, cheerleaders, Rebelettes, ROTC, Dance Guard, Flag Guard form Rebel Line, face the crowd, intertwine pinky fingers and sing “Rebels True.”

Within this section are Rebel Videos and Rebel Films all of which depict the Rebels True Spirit where the Rebel Community comes together to accomplish what Rebels do best…unite as one.

May The Tower forever shine bright Rebel Red within the hearts of every Rebel, and may all Rebels hailOnce a Rebel, Always a Rebel!”

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"Friendship does not end in death; it continues strong and true. For once a Rebel always a Rebel; Rebels true, Rebels true."
The Tower