Travis Rebel News

Sports Editor
Age? 18

Grade? 12th

Born? Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

What do you like about being on Newspaper staff? Being on this staff we get to be nosy and we literally know or find out everything .

What have you learned, being on the Newspaper staff? The newspaper staff has made me view me view things differently, like I want to know more about things. I've learned to ask more questions.

What are your future plans? My future plan is to at least to have one of the best stories on the staff by the time I graduate. But as a graduate I'm majoring in business management, that's always been my goal.

What are your hobbies? On my free time I love playing Volleyball or going to watch football games.

Organizations in which you are involved in? Newspaper staff and Club Volleyball.


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"Friendship does not end in death; it continues strong and true. For once a Rebel always a Rebel; Rebels true, Rebels true."