Travis Rebel News

Age? 17

Grade? 12th

Born? Austin, TX.

What do you like about being on the Newspaper staff? Seeing the world through a camera lens truly gives me a unique perspective on people, their emotions and why they do what they do. A photojournalist is in constant pursuit of capturing that one moment in time that tells a story through pictures; they are worth a thousand words. A picture of a basketball player's face with sweat dripping down his cheeks with a grimacing look while doing a layup during a close game tells the story of his determination, his physical struggle and his desire to win; a story that can only be told through a picture.

What have you learned, being on Newspaper staff?  I have learned to look beyond someone's words. I look for their actions and their emotions to bring a story to an audience that only can be told with pictures.

What are your future plans?  My future plan is to major in Photography and to become a professional photographer. I plan to move to Peru and study at Cibertec Institution.

What are your hobbies? Taking pictures, make youtube videos and play video games.

Organizations in which you are involved? Theater, Newspaper Staff, Boys and Girls Club, Student Council and Orchestra.

Gisel Alvarez, Photography Editor

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