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About Travis Rebel News

Travis Rebel News is the official student newspaper of William B. Travis High School.

This publication serves as an educational tool in the training of student journalists to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and viewpoints and to give coverage of newsworthy events directly related to the school, individual students, staff and organizations. Although students work under the guidance of a professional faculty member and former journalist, the content is determined by the student staff and reflects all areas of student interests including topics that may be dissent and controversial. Content reflects the views of the student staff and not of the administration or staff of William B. Travis High School or that of the Austin Independent School District.

The staff will work toward avoiding bias and/or favoritism. Members will make every effort to provide coverage that is timely, meaningful and interesting to its readers, and the articles will reflect objective reporting that incorporates a high standard of journalistic quality. Every effort will be made to avoid printing libel, obscenities, innuendo and material that threatens to disrupt the learning process or is an invasion of privacy. Electronic manipulations will be avoided that alter the truth of photographs without indicating that the photograph is an illustration.

Editorials are the opinions of the individual writers and do not necessarily represent the views of Travis Rebel News staff or the administration as a whole.

Travis Rebel News staff welcomes reader input.

Please send any letters, articles, comments or corrections to:  William B. Travis High School, 1211 E. Oltorf Street, Austin, Texas 78740, ATTN: adviser Daphne Miller Woodward or deliver them to Room 714.  Letters must be signed, and emailed letters will require verification prior to publication. The staff will not necessarily publish all letters received, and it reserves the right to edit for length and clarity.

Travis Rebel News does not necessarily endorse the products or services of advertising. It has the right to reject, edit or cancel advertising at any time. Ads will be free of statements, illustrations or implications that are offensive to good taste or public decency. Advertisers will offer merchandise or services of the business’ merits and refrain from attacking competitors unfairly or disparaging of their products, services or methods of doing business. Political advertisements will not be published.


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"Friendship does not end in death; it continues strong and true. For once a Rebel always a Rebel; Rebels true, Rebels true."
About Travis Rebel News