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Travis Rebel Band: A place to fit in proves my purpose

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Travis Rebel Band: A place to fit in proves my purpose

Emma Daniels, Staff Reporter

Emma Daniels, Staff Reporter

Emma Daniels, Staff Reporter

Emma Daniels, Staff Reporter




Walking into the band hall on the first day of summer band camp made me realize how easily my world could change. I stepped into a whole different sphere of Travis High School.

I heard band members chanting, “Rebels lookin’ tight in the red, gray, white, say ‘what?!’”

I learned the iron-will work ethic that’s needed to make a marching band perfect. It is difficult; the failure is discouraging, At first, it seems daunting and it took time to feel part of the group band, but in a small band like ours, every member is family.

The goal of a marching band is to make every individual in the band become one–move as one, play as one: complementing one another in accord, just as the varying sounds of the many instruments can come together to create one harmonious sound.

Each performance is a different attempt to achieve this; in that, they are each a unique experience, only able to be seen and heard once. Each person has to be thinking of the whole band as a unit.

To make the magic happen, everyone has to be aware of how best to play each part and to move.

I’m an exception in the Travis Rebel Band: the only senior who has just started band.

The last time I picked up a flute was six years ago. Amazingly, my muscles still remember what to do, and my fingers still knew where to go. With practice, I have been able to be competent.

Before this year, I did not participate in the Travis Spirit, “Once a Rebel, always a Rebel.” I never felt proud to be a Rebel. Going to football games, watching the cheering and the liveliness, creating the magic of musical sounds, has changed my life.

When I hear the swelling low brass, feel the percussion section’s cadences resounding all the way to my toes, and hear the clear, bright sounds escaping from my flute, I feel that feeling; the feeling of knowing that this is why I came to Travis High. This is where I should be.

Coming home after football games, I’m stuck in a trance, the feeling of my flute’s keys still lingering on my fingertips, the sparkle of the Rebelette’s uniforms still brightening my vision, my friends’ laughter still echoing through my brain, and even if I don’t get a full night’s sleep, even if I don’t finish my homework, even if I have to wake up early the next morning, I never ever regret joining band.

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"Friendship does not end in death; it continues strong and true. For once a Rebel always a Rebel; Rebels true, Rebels true."
Travis Rebel Band: A place to fit in proves my purpose