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Travis High custodians make our campus a beautiful place

By Paul Lopez, XY Zone and CIS Coordinator, Guest Columnist

One time I told a student that there was too much garbage left on the tables by students after lunch each day and I didn’t understand why. He responded, “that’s what custodians are for.”

Let’s think about that.Have you ever had a job where someone comes in and does things that made your job harder? Like you’re trying to take someone’s order but they’re being rude for no reason. Or let’s say you just finished folding and putting away clothes in your section of the store and then some people come through and purposely mess everything up without actually trying anything on. Sure it’s part of your job to do those things but doesn’t it suck when someone makes your job harder?

The custodial crew at Travis High is here to maintain the magnificence and upkeep of our school so that we have an awesomely beautiful place to come to school.

Our custodians have a lot of work to do in every inch of the school, so when you purposely leave an extra mess behind for “someone else” to clean you’re actually making that person’s already difficult job more difficult. You’re making someone else’s already long day longer. You’re making someone else’s thankless job even more thankless.

Let’s not restrict our respect and appreciation for our custodial staff to just one Custodian Appreciation Week. We need to appreciate every single day how beautiful our school is and how hard our custodians work to make it that way. What are some ways to be appreciative?

If you see some trash on the floor pick it up and throw it away. When you finish your meal don’t just leave your trash on the table, throw it away.
Take the same level of care with school property as you would your own property. And if nothing else, stop and say thank you to our amazing custodial staff.

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Travis High custodians make our campus a beautiful place