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Politicians Avoid Straight-Forward Answers All For Personal Gain

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Politicians Avoid Straight-Forward Answers All For Personal Gain

Senator Ted Cruz and Senator John Cornyn answer questions after meeting with The President.

Senator Ted Cruz and Senator John Cornyn answer questions after meeting with The President.

Senator Ted Cruz and Senator John Cornyn answer questions after meeting with The President.

Senator Ted Cruz and Senator John Cornyn answer questions after meeting with The President.


                                                                                                by Brandon Herrmann, Editor in chief
Protestors stand outside the Department of Public Safety building upon President Trump’s arrival.

Why can’t politicians just give straight answers? Aren’t they the ones who need to be the most transparent? After all, they’re the ones who run our country.

We’ve seen it before, and we’ll see it again.

President Bill Clinton is a prime example. In 1998, when questioned before the United States Grand Jury and asked about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky; he denied any accusation by stating, “that depends upon the meaning of ‘is,’ is.”

He manipulated simple semantics to break down the question and weasel his way into avoidance.

In August, I witnessed firsthand this tactic when I asked United States Senator Ted Cruz at the Department of Public Safety for a staff assignment. The Senator, along with the President’s entourage, was in town to make press statements regarding Hurricane Harvey.

My goal was to ask President Trump questions. That did not pan out, but I managed to finagle my way into the professional press corps and landed in front of Cruz.

I began blurting out my questions, I was right in front of his podium; remember, I fanagled my way in front via the professional press corps. Senator John Cornyn’s press adviser helped me get there. I got her business card too.

So I identified myself as a reporter for the William B. Travis High School newspaper staff and asked Cruz the same questions I planned to ask the President.

“Why does D.C. send such power to the location of a natural disaster?” (I mean, really? Do they not have more important things to do…like RUN THE COUNTRY?)

And, “How can the Travis High School community help school districts in the devastated areas?”

Two simple questions from a simple, inexperienced high-school student, right?

Cruz immediately paused, obviously searching for answers.

“You know yesterday, I spent a couple of hours at the shelter in downtown Houston, helping give out clothes to people who had lost everything and were so relieved to have a clean change of clothes,” he said.

His answer sounded good… But it was undoubtedly no answer to how our school’s community could help.

This was my opportunity to witness how politicians avoid answers they don’t know the answers to or want to avoid.
At 16, standing amongst professional journalists and political advisors, I was out of my element. Inexperienced? Yes. Dumb? No. Dumbfounded? Yes! Yes!

Why didn’t he just answer my question? I finally realized why.

Politicians don’t give straight answers. They evade.

Why? Because if they do, their answer may admit some wrong, hidden doing or commit them to something that doesn’t fit their agenda, all resulting in their selfish favor.

I would have to ask, why are they politicians in the first place?

I mean after all, they are the ones in the position to be change makers, but the truth is, they’re only change makers for personal gain and not for The People.

Now let’s take this type of scenario to one we can all relate; a high school.

Imagine a student walking into a principal’s office after getting punched in the face by a bully.

The student goes to the principal for help, “How can you make this stop? What can you do to help me?”

What if the principal’s reply was, “Well, I got punched by a bully once, but I was relieved that I had a clean change of clothes.”

The student would stand confused and dumbfounded; no answer and no solution.

Politicians use semantics to confuse and divert from the questions asked; by the time people are done scratching their heads in confusion, politicians are in elected offices, acting as change makers and running our country.

Everyone else in society is expected to give straight answers.

Every year, we go to the polls, we elect “Chess Players” who only make change for political gain and what advances their party to represent The People: our laws, our livelihoods, our finances, our society’s structure, our businesses, our commerce, etc.

What can we do about this?

I’m not sure yet, but I’ll let you know in about 10 years.

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About the Writer
Brandon Herrmann, Editor in chief

Age? 17

Grade? 11th

Born? Houston, TX

What do you like about being on the news staff? I enjoy interviewing people and getting answers to questions people have the right to know.

What have you learned being on this newspaper staff? I've learned how to interview, write stories and connect with a group.

What are your future plans? I want to eventually have the opportunity to interview Wiz Khalifa.

What are your hobbies? My hobbies are YouTube, Filming, Writing and Telling stories.

Organization in which you are involved in? Band, Newspaper, Student Council, Baseball, Golf, NHS, A/V Production and ECHS.


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  1. Jesse on January 6th, 2018 9:27 pm

    Bro you interviewed Cruz that’s cool af

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Politicians Avoid Straight-Forward Answers All For Personal Gain