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“Change Is The Only Constant”

AISD moves forward on three major district changes

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“Change Is The Only Constant”


Monday, February 25, Austin Independent School District’s Board of Trustees, in an 8-1 vote, approved changing the name of John H. Reagan High School, named after the postmaster general of the Confederacy, to Northeast Early College High School effective next school year.

The board already approved renaming John T. Allen Center to Anita Ferrales Coy, Zachary Taylor Fulmore Middle School to Sarah Beth Lively. Lanier High School and Eastside Memorial at the Johnston Campus are planned named changes but have yet to vote.

Trustee Ann Teich was the only vote against the name change.

“It’s unfair to just rename schools with namesakes who were part of the Confederacy when other schools are named after slave owners,” she said.

Teich said that she opposes this also because of the alumni who provide financial support to the school.

Although William B. Travis High School was not mentioned directly, Trustee Dr. Jayme Mathias suggested changing the names of Lamar Middle School, Austin, and Bowie High Schools because, he said, these men were either proponents of slavery or they were slaveowners themselves.

The board also unanimously voted for a new course, Human Sexuality and Responsibility, to be taught in grades three through eight. This vote gives permission to staff to hire a curriculum writing company to design sex-ed lessons and the course curriculum. This course will be ready for the classrooms in August 2020.

Lastly, the board unanimously approved a district timeline to help solve the budget deficit expected to reach $65 million next school year. The district will do this through closing schools, consolidating schools and repurposing schools; however, they have not named the specific campuses. According to the district timeline, these specific campuses will be announced by August, voted on by October, and these changes will take place in August 2020.




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“Change Is The Only Constant”