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Austin City Limits

A yearly event changes the life of a first-timer student journalist

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Austin City Limits

By Jocelyn Rodriguez, A&E Editor

In this, my senior year at Travis High and my first experience being a member of the newly revived Travis Rebel News staff, I experienced an amazing opportunity to attend Austin City Limits, for free I might add,  for the first time ever and as a member of the student press corps. Here is my story.

The day started off questionably; a bad vibe since it was Friday the 13th? Maybe, I guess, but to my luck, it turned out to be a life-changing day.

As I walked through the main entrance at ACL, I began to feel the butterflies of anticipation that accompanies experiencing something for the first time.

I love music; I mean, I really love music, and I live for music festivals. 

Even as the butterflies were swarming inside my stomach, as I continued making my way deeper inside the gates of ACL, I suddenly found my second home. It was astonishing to see people dancing freely without judgment.

Several other student journalists and I trekked our way through the roaring music fans to the ACL Press Lounge, an exclusive area where artists are interviewed by the professional press corps, and met up with the staff of 93.3 KGSR, a local radio station. 

I watched as other student journalists were directing questions to the ACL program directors, “How has the growth of ACL affected or benefited ACL?” and “What is the purpose of music festivals?” I found myself almost in awe of the courage with which these student journalists were blending in with professional journalists. 

While in the ACL Press Lounge, I had the opportunity of interviewing one of the marketing managers of ACL. As I did, I began to realize my interest in marketing and that maybe I had decided that marketing was where I wanted to end up for the rest of my career.

As I  left the ACL Press Lounge, a proud student journalist, I had the rest of the day to enjoy the music.

At first, there really was not an artist who really appealed to me, but then the sound of this amazing beat was coming from the Honda Stage and it was a band named Crystal Castles. I quickly rushed there and was able to get all the way to the front. Before I knew it turned into such a large crowd.

Many may say that ACL is just some dumb event, but honestly, you can gain as much new knowledge from just one music event and it could even be a life-changing experience.

by Jocelyn Rodriguez, A&E Editor
A view of Downtown Austin from Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Jocelyn Rodriguez, A&E Editor

by Jocelyn Rodriguez, A&E Editor
The Crystal Castles perform at ACL in front of a crowd full of fans.

Jocelyn Rodriguez, A&E Editor
When myself and other high school students were going in the Press Lounge.

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About the Writer
Jocelyn Rodriguez, A&E Editor

Age? 17

Grade? 12th

Born? Austin, TX

What do you like about being on the newspaper staff? I like learning about various things I never knew anything about.

What have you learned being on the newspaper staff? I've learned the importance of knowing about events and news.

What are your future plans? I plan to attend UT at Austin and majoring in accounting.

Organizations in which you are involved in? IME soccer, Plaza Mexico Soccer, Travis Lady Rebel Soccer, National Honor Society, College Forward, Educational Talent Search Program, art club and My Brother's Keeper Mentoring Program.

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Austin City Limits