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Club volleyball remains important for college scholarships

It raises the stakes for high school volleyball players who compete for college scholarships

Club is a way to put yourself out there. Not only are you paying to play, but your paying to be seen and to get more experience. Club is just an extra step to get you ready for the college level, it’s all about training. Playing on this level teaches you that the game is much faster than high school.

A club team only takes you until the age of 18 which should be your graduation year. Scouts are always at the tournaments looking for newbies to fill their team.

There are some girls who just play for the experience, but I have known some who were really good and received many offers to play in college.

Any serious high-school volleyball player who wishes to continue must play club. With so much competition in high school for college scholarships, girls who do not play club, do not have a chance at college volleyball. Club is the key to college volleyball, and college volleyball is the key to professional volleyball.


TopFlightVolleyball 18s Parents
Paige Sexton #6 plays for the 18s Team ran by TopFlightVolleyball out of Kyle, TX

TopFlightVolleyball 17s Parents
Merritt Elder #3 plays for the 17s team ran by TopFlightVolleyball out of Kyle, TX

KnockOut Volleyball 16s Parents
Desiree Perez #8 plays for the 16s team ran by KnockOut Volleyball here in Austin



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