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What is most important to team success?

Team collaboration proves more important than the skills of an outstanding leader

By Blayce Woodward, Sports Editor

“Quiet on set,” the student director said, as the set designers made final touches to set design and actors’ makeup.

”Camera’s rolling” the camera operator said, as the light operator turned on her staging lights and the boom operator put his mic in position.

”Scene three, Take one,” the slate operator said, as he hit the slate and the actors took their positions.

”And… Action,” the director said.

That is just the tip of the iceberg for the amount of teamwork and group dynamics that go into writing, producing, editing a film to its final product.

So, what is most important, team collaboration or outstanding leaders?

In order to answer this question, one must consider the two halves individually and then, if the relationship between the two has anything to do with its success.

What is a successful team?

First, a high-performing team must be made up of members who are committed to a shared agenda which is the end goal. All members must be dedicated, focused, motivated and possess individual expertise in their contributions to the goal.

Second, an outstanding leader must be goal-oriented, be able to communicate the objectives of the goal, spread charisma and manage members. An outstanding leader IS a team member who people want to follow.

Sure having a good leader matters, but it matters a hell of a lot more having a group of people who collaborate together.

Teamwork collaboration is far more important to success, in not just film but everything, than outstanding leadership.

Most any high-school student has been part of a team at one point in their lives whether it was in school or outside of school. Most all students can relate to team membership.

On a football team, for example, it does not matter how good the quarterback is if he does not have a team of players who work together. If the team does not have a strong defensive or offensive line, quick-footed receivers, and agile running backs with good ball control, defeat is sure to happen.

In order for an outstanding quarterback to make the hard decisions about when to throw and when to run, cannot lead the team to victory without someone blocking for him or without an open receiver to catch the pass. He will be sacked with every pass. It takes the strength of the team working together to win the game.

I do not believe in the history of American football, has there ever been a team victory based only on the prowess of the quarterback alone.

A team with an inefficient leader can still experience success, but an outstanding leader with an inefficient team, cannot win.”

— Blayce Woodward

Focusing on great leadership skills sometimes overshadows the most crucial part of team success, and that is the collaboration of the team.

For me, this idea hits home more than ever right now.

Two weeks ago, the Travis Rebel News staff said goodbye to its leader, the Editor in chief, as he moved to another city. During the past two weeks, the staff as a team has stepped up to the plate to continue the goal of covering news and meeting deadlines. Due to the loss of the leader, I have witnessed members compensating. To make up for the loss, staffers have shown empathy to take on more responsibilities with their continued dedication and commitment to the goal. It has definitely been a challenge, but it remains clear that the staff is proficient, if not more, in the absence of a leader.

So, back to the question at hand.

What is most important, team collaboration or outstanding leaders?

Borrowing the lyrics from “Wonder Pets,” the show most of us watched as kids from Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr, it is simply explained.

“What’s gonna work? Teamwork!…When we work together, we’ve got the right stuff.”

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What is most important to team success?